Commercially Available Meal Replacement Plans and Products

A healthy diet is an essential component of not only a weight loss effort, but lifelong healthy lifestyle change. Meal replacement programs can help patients with obesity start on the road to healthier eating. Several commercially available meal replacement programs provide a variety of choices that can be tailored to the needs of patients trying to lose weight. In addition to providing guidelines for portion control and meal frequency, some programs will deliver food to the home, or their products can be purchased in stores. For people who are new to cooking or dieting, these programs also take the stress out of meal planning.

The following is a list of selected meal replacement programs and where they can be found (not necessarily a comprehensive list).

Home Delivery Meal Replacement Programs

Health Management Resources Weight Management:

South Beach Diet:



Jenny Craig:


BistroMD (offers Mediterranean Diet plans):



Metabolic Meals:

New Vision Nutrition:

Meal Replacement Products Available in Stores

Jenny Craig:



CalNaturale Svelte: