Medical Office Equipment Designed for Patients With Obesity

When patients are comfortable with their medical office experience, they are more likely to return for follow-up visits and adhere to therapeutic recommendations. Having the right size equipment and furnishings to ensure the comfort of patients the moment they walk through the office door is an important part of their medical care.

The following selected suppliers and retailers offer equipment designed to accommodate larger patients (not necessarily a comprehensive list).

Clinical Tools

Considering the comfort of patients with obesity during their examination is essential to helping them feel like they have a legitimate medical condition rather than a condition that causes inconvenience for others. Larger patients require larger tools, such as blood pressure cuffs with a circumference greater than 34 cm. Larger blood pressure cuffs can also be used in place of traditional tourniquets for taking blood, which may not be large enough. For modesty, larger patients also require larger examination gowns. Gynecologists should also want to consider longer specula for their patients with obesity.

Blood Pressure Cuffs (circumference > 34 cm)

Heart Rate Monitors USA:

Life Source (via Amazon):

Large-Size Examination Gowns

MD Associates:

Large Specula

Centurion Medical Products:

Cooper Surgical:

Furniture in the Waiting and Exam Rooms

The moment patients with obesity walk through the door, they are confronted with a possible obstacle if there is no comfortable seating. Larger patients and their guests—who may also be larger—should feel welcome to sit without regard to their size. Longer benches, couches, and loveseats without armrests are options that can be comfortable and attractive in a waiting room. Once inside the exam room, where the more stressful part of the visit occurs, consideration should be taken to make patients both comfortable and secure on the exam table, in the phlebotomy chair, in the restroom, and in wheelchairs.

Exam Tables

CME (850 lb. weight capacity):

CME (600 lb. weight capacity):

Phlebotomy Chairs


Toilet Seats (split preferred for urine collection)


Big John Products:

Waiting Room Seating

National Office Furniture:




Weighing Patients

Perhaps the most difficult part of medical exams for patients with obesity is being weighed. Providing a scale that can measure more than 350 lbs is important, and a scale with handrails may provide patients with mobility issues more security. Also keep in mind the placement of the scale and the privacy of the patient being weighed.

Scales With Capacity > 350 lbs

AliMed (with wheelchair ramp):

AliMed (with handrails):

Other Office Supplies

Weight Capacity Labels


Additional Suppliers




National Office Furniture: